Paintings (recent)

(Row 1 Below): Automatic-Expressionism (Phase Two): These works (some of them having evolved over the years) represent a critical break-through in the arena of Expressionism rich with emotive textures, flauff, and floopahstic detritus. Clearly founded upon emotional aspects of fine art painting, these works are further developed by a secondary level of intuitive attempts to manifest intellectual observations of the artist’s on-going personal growth. Note re: “3082” works: “3082 (9)” is a special classification of toxic waste. The “3082” series  nods to a perverse patriarchal assault on Nature (which is, of course, the matriarchal or feminine lifeforce emblemized by the female torso), that currently threatens our eco-social systems worldwide. This due to the inherent flaw in capitalism which is its need to grow in order to remain healthy. No system will grow indefinitely within a limited ecosphere. Ours has become morbidly obese, collapsing upon itself to be swallowed by its own, rotting, diabetic body. Yet from that, new life shall spring. In my works, the female nude always represents Nature, Earth, the Feminine Aspects of the Universe—that which nurtures. Tragically, the male is emblematic of a corrupt and collapsing patriarchal social system.

(Rows 2 & 3 Below): Romantic-Minimalism: (defaced nudes with critically transposed geometries). These new works spring from the necessity to reclaim the Universal Aesthetic Principles of Nature. Of this endeavor, nothing more should be said.

NOTES ON ABOVE WORKS: “3082: RAPE” Acrylic, latex, archival photograph on canvas, foil, luan plywood. 66″ X 96″ Statement: Here, Elvis represents the exuberant American of the 1950’s. Bolstered by his World War II victory, he is the youthful and innocent herald of a nation new in its power. But secret cabals slowly squeezed him in their invisible grip, drugged him with television, fed him sterile food; scrambled his mind, and raped the very environment (represented by the female torso) that nourished him from the beginning of time. The system he saved mangled him into a consumerist cartoon. The cabal—this fear-based patriarchal energy—spread worldwide, pillaging peoples, heisting their natural resources, amassing windfalls, fueling arrogance, power, greed, and abuse.

“3082: golfcourse#” Acrylic, latex, archival photograph on canvas, luan plywood. 72″ X 120″ Statement: Here the Body of Nature has been hybridized, sequestered, and dissected into parcels of consumerist flaghigula; her colors bleached, her flesh corpsed, her awareness smothered. The consumerist vampires who would suck her dry, like leeches and ticks, have bloated themselves on their own toxic by-products. Desperate to save themselves, they renounce the rest of the world, and proclaim themselves “first,” even as they collapse to their knees in pathetic self-imposed demise. All the while, neither Mother’s grace, nor her dignity can be compromised. Soon she will rise again… and shake off this withered detritus—so much dust returning to gold.

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